The whole process of cleaning a pool is lengthy and tedious, this can lead you to feel like it is doing a chore more than ever. It is challenging to maintain a pool on a consistent basis, you spend hours a day cleaning it just to find that it will be filthy the next day Luckily, there are new and creative ways of getting your pool clean like never before. Swimming pools have their own drainage systems in the bottom area of the pool.  

However, there are some types of pools that do not have this system built in and it can be more prone to dirt than ever. If you want to create your own drainage system, all you need is a vacuum cleaner. You can place the nozzle in the middle part of the pool but upside down, you will notice that the cloudiness of your pool will slowly clear up. Is your skimmer net filled with big holes that you can’t catch the finer debris that is floating on the surface of your pool? No need to shell out money and buy a new one, you can ask your female partner if she has an extra pantyhose that you can borrow.  

You can wrap the it around the screen part of your skimmer net, and it can be highly effective collecting dirt and debris from your pool. Body oils, suntan lotions, and other bodily beauty products can get trapped within your swimming pool. These are hard to detect but can give harmful things to your skin if you are exposed too much to these products.  

It will be hard to remove as it is hard to detect, but one way to make sure that your pool is free from these oils will be by dumping in tennis balls. Tennis balls will float on the surface of the pool and the material on the outer surface will soak up the oil from the water. Making sure that your pool tiles are cleaning will also ensure that your pool will stay clean as well. You can make your own cleaning paste that will require homemade ingredients for it to be made.  

All you need to do is mix baking soda and water and mix until you get a nice fluffy texture. Apply the home-made paste into the tiles and rub into in a circular motion until it the dirt comes off and looks fresh white again. There are some seasons that will prevent you from catering to your pool. This will give you a handful to do once the season is over, there will be a bunch of leaves and other debris floating on the surface of your pool.  

If you want a quick fix for this problem, then try using a leaf blower and put it on high. This will simply blow all the dirt away in an instant and you can use your skimmer to thoroughly cleanse your pool.  If you want to know more tips on how to clean and maintain your swimming pool, then visit Santa Rosa pool maintenance service providers.